Protecting your valuable investment

Trees require professional care
to stay healthy and safe.

We offer annual tree care programs, customized to your trees, property and budget.

Certified Arborists on staff provide supervision and prepare evaluations, appraisals and GIS mapping. You can trust Mariposa’s specialized team of trained tree workers, tree climbers and equipment operators to achieve superior results.

Your Foreman and his crew are great. We will keep them as our regular tree services crew. Also, a homeowner called me to highly praise the crew; they did an excellent job at Wildfire Ave, with traffic control, the tree removals and clean-up. I am very happy with your services.


Allen M. Walter
Parks and Landscape Superintendent

Key Sub-Services

GIS Tree Inventory Mapping

Track the health of every tree on your property with GIS (Global Information Systems) mapping.

This service utilizes the highest definition GPS survey equipment to accurately locate any tree on your property. We combine this technology with an assessment by a Certified Arborist who evaluates species, size and health for every one of your trees.

Assessments and Removals

Prevent liability issues with large trees that overhang structures or areas where people travel.

We can provide expert evaluation by a Certified Arborist of any particular tree you may be concerned about, and trim or remove any tree no matter how difficult the access may be. We have all of the latest equipment and trained tree climbers who are ISA certified to perform this work.

Mariposa Values Safety

What it means at Mariposa…

Safety is the primary foundation of our company. We emphasize “safety first” on every worksite and in all our training programs. Our employees are taught to be aware of, and responsible for, safety at all times. We strive to prevent injuries and accidents, and provide a safe environment for staff and customers alike.