Focused on the details

We know how crucial our work is to the success of your property.

We understand your priorities and do everything in our power to honor the trust you place in us.

You can count on us to catch issues right away so they don’t become a problem, and to be there quickly when you need help.

Good communication is at the heart of our service practices, which allows you to provide clear updates to your property owners.

The investment we make in thoroughly training our employees translates to work that makes your property and you look good.

We bring expert skills and in-depth knowledge to every level of work we do for you.

Since 1988, Mariposa Landscapes, Inc. has performed complete landscape maintenance of the most highly visible landscapes within this City. Among those visible streetscapes is the Haven Median, the median from city limit to city limit passing our Civic Center. Mariposa has consistently maintained that median in a safe and attractive condition.


Donald A. Gentry
Maintenance Supervisor

Key Sub-Services

Water Conservation

Maintain an attractive landscape with less water.

Our Certified Water Auditors can evaluate your irrigation and provide practical recommendations. Specialty solutions we offer are weather-driven irrigation controllers and drought-tolerant landscape conversions. Our smart controller computerized tracking systems allow us to quickly diagnose and fix problems, saving you water and money.

Indoor Plantcare

Show your clients, staff and guests you care by surrounding them with a natural setting of living plants.

A well-designed interior plantscape makes a favorable first impression while helping to clean the air, lower stress levels and improve work productivity. Our experienced design consultant will meet with you on-site to assess your environment and discuss your unique needs. We can create or enhance your interior spaces, courtyards and patios. Your new or renovated interior plantscape will thrive under the knowledgeable care of our trained staff.

Mariposa Values Quality

What it means at Mariposa…

Bringing superior service to our customers in a way that exceeds their expectations and makes them feel like we earned their business every time we work for them.